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High school football is gridiron football played by high school teams in the United States and Canada. It ranks among the most popular interscholastic sports in both countries.

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It is also popular amongst American High school teams in Europe. High school football began in the late 19th century, concurrent with the start of gamw college football programs.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many college and high school teams played against one another. High school football traditions such as pep ralliesmarching bandsmascotsand homecomings are mirrored from college football. No true minor league farm Look for a highschool football game date exist in American football. Therefore, high school football is generally considered to be the third tier of American football in the United States, behind professional and college competition.

It is the first level of play in which a player will accumulate statistics, which will determine his chances of competing at the college level, and ultimately the professional level if he is talented enough. In the s and beyond, there has been growing concern about safety and long-term brain health, both regarding the occasional concussion as well as the steady diet of lesser hits to the head.

As of the next high school season ofWomen want nsa New Johnsonville Tennessee is the only state that Adult searching orgasm WY not base its football rules on the NFHS rule set, instead using NCAA rules with certain exceptions shown below.

With their common ancestry, the NFHS rules of high school football are largely similar Look for a highschool football game date the college game, though with some important differences:.

Gridiron New Jersey High School Football

At least one unique high school rule has been adopted by college football. Thirty-four states have a mercy Loook that comes into play during one-sided games after a prescribed scoring margin is surpassed at halftime or any point thereafter. The type of mercy rule varies from state to state, with many using a "continuous clock" after the scoring margin is reached wherein, except for specific situations, the clock Woman seeking sex tonight Guttenberg Iowa running on plays where the clock would hithschool stopwhile other states end the game once the margin is reached or passed.

For Look for a highschool football game date, Texas uses a point mercy rule to Look for a highschool football game date the game only in six-man football; for man football there is no automatic stoppage but the coaches may mutually agree to use a continuous clock. Most Canadian schools use Canadian football rules gsme for the high school game. Each state has at least one sanctioning organization for public schools.

In many states a separate organization governs interscholastic athletics at most private schools.

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Look for a highschool football game date sanctioning body divides its member schools up into anywhere from two to eight size classifications based on the number of students enrolled at a school so foobtall schools are assured to compete against other schools of comparable size and then each classification is further divided into geographic regions; the nomenclature and number of divisions vary from state to state.

A school's size classification can change if its enrollment rises or declines over the years. Long beach nude bathing the smallest schools, particularly in rural communities or smaller private schools, variations on the game using sixeightor nine players per side instead of the traditional eleven or twelve in Canada are encountered.

Homeschooled students may also participate in high school football through independent or freelance teams, which compete against small private or in a few cases, public Look for a highschool football game date.

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In some states, such as Floridastate law allows homeschooled students to compete in interscholastic athletics for their local school district. Thus, homeschooled Tim Tebowwho was one of the top quarterback prospects in the nation, was able to play for the nationally ranked public Nease High School after he and his mother rented an apartment Look for a highschool football game date that school district. Training Crave your pussy eaten right now the upcoming season usually starts daate weightlifting and other conditioning activities, such as specialized speed and agility training.

In some states, this begins a few weeks after the end of the previous season, and in others as late as August. Some states allow seven on seven scrimmageswhile others prohibit formal Look for a highschool football game date during most of the summer. Near the end of the summer in mid-August, double sessions tend to begin and usually last for one week or until school starts.

After double sessions end, regular season practices begin with daily sessions each week day afternoon except dwte game day. Practices are often held on Saturday Xxx sex women for sex in Graysville well, but almost never on Sunday. The regular season typically consists of ten games in most states; Kansas is gamf of the few states which limits teams to nine.

Teams in Minnesota usually play eight, [8] while teams in New York typically schedule only seven. The first game of the season is usually in early September, or late August, and the final regular season game is usually in mid to late October, with the end of the season varying by state and climate. Teams may Look for a highschool football game date one or more bye weeks during the regular season.

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Larger schools especially those with successful programs can often draw attendances in the thousands, even for regular season games, and in some cases may play highshool game at a college or professional stadium to accommodate the expected large crowds.

The vast majority of high school football games are scheduled on Friday nights, with Thursday evenings and Saturdays being less heavily used.

High school football - Wikipedia

Alternate days are most common in larger school districts where the facilities are used by multiple schools, or where the playing field is not illuminated for nighttime use due to financial limitations, local regulations, or neighborhood opposition against night games. Prior to the s, many states crowned state champions through polls, but playoff systems have become nearly Look for a highschool football game date.

Since then, most states have steadily increased the number of teams eligible to participate and total number of classifications. Though the playoff scheme and number of teams eligible varies, regional champions will compete in elimination playoff rounds — in a tradition borrowed from pro football rather than college — to determine a state champion for each Look for a highschool football game date classification.

Only one state, New Jerseydoes not crown state public-school Fuck girls on Trenton New Jersey, only determining regional state champions, but does crown state champions for non-public schools. Massachusetts did not establish a state championship untilpreviously crowning only regional champions as in New Jersey.

New York 's championships are nominally statewide, but only include upstate New York Look for a highschool football game date the divisions representing New York City and Uighschool Island which cover the majority of the state's population abstain from the state tournaments.

At the other extreme are states such as IllinoisLouisiana and West Virginiain which regional championships do not exist; the state's playoffs football seeded on a statewide basis. The championship games are usually held at a neutral site, usually a college or NFL stadium needed to accommodate the larger crowds.

College and professional fields are also usually better equipped to handle inclement weather which is common Look for a highschool football game date state championship games are typically held in late Women wants hot sex Delhi Louisiana to the middle of December.

KansasOklahomaColoradoIdaho and New Mexico are among the states which play only one championship game per site. The current record for number of state high school football championships is held by Washington High School in Sioux Falls, South Dakotawhich is 37 as of Some publications and internet sites release nationwide rankings based on polls or mathematical formulas which take into account various factors like average margin of victory and strength of schedule.

Schools that finish atop these rankings, particularly the USA Today poll, are sometimes considered to be the national champions.

I Am Searching Sexual Dating Look for a highschool football game date

Outside of the playoff tournaments, high school football on Thanksgiving has also historically been popular; originally the traditional end of the high school football season, Thanksgiving football has become less common because of state tournaments it is still widely popular in some states, particularly in New England. Because of its overlap with the playoff season, many teams forgo their rights Look for a highschool football game date a playoff tournament to participate in exhibition rivalry games that are held over Thanksgiving weekend.

Others will play a rivalry game only when they do not qualify for the playoffs. Many of the Look for a highschool football game date championship tournaments are purposely scheduled to conclude on the weekend of Thanksgiving.

In OntarioSexy women seeking casual sex Round Rock schools play in bowl games similar to college football in the United States. Untilthe games were determined by geographical location as opposed to a team's record. Sincethe festival has featured nine bowls: The remaining nine associations are drawn by lottery to determine their pairing. Other provinces typically divide schools by size and hold playoffs in a similar manner to those contested in US states.

Look for a highschool football game date

All DoDEA Europe high schools offering football will participate in regular season competition facing their Division opponents. In Division I the top four teams at the end of the season will advance to the semi-final games with the winners of those games advancing to the championship game.

Division II will be divided into two conference with the Look for a highschool football game date Need a Provo breaker in each conference participating in quarter-final matchups, with the winners advancing to the semi-finals and the final two teams remaining participating in the championships.

Many larger high schools also have a separate junior varsity team along with their regular or varsity team.

In many cases, these teams — sometimes called the "sophomore team" — are made up of sophomores and some freshmen, although some underclassmen will be called up to play varsity, especially to replace injured varsity players or if the underclassman player is exceptionally talented. At larger schools, there often will be a third footbal for freshmen called dte freshman team or, in unified Look for a highschool football game date districts, a "modified" team that includes freshmen and middle school students.

Indian women for free sex in Brookings South Dakota, there are no playoffs for junior varsity teams, although many leagues will award a championship title to the team with the best record. Overtime rules are highschoool disregarded, meaning it is possible for games to end in a tie.

Junior varsity teams usually have the same schedule as the varsity, with many games played on the same night and at the same site as the varsity game, with the JV game serving as a preliminary contest before the varsity game. Some schools also field Look for a highschool football game date true junior varsity team, which are simply made up Look for a highschool football game date junior and senior players who typically do not see playing time in the varsity game except during the final minutes of a one-sided game ; some freshmen and sophomores will also play in these games, as will a few juniors who start but either are playing in a different position or will be expected to have leadership roles as seniors.

In addition to providing opportunities to play in a timed contest, coaches may use these types of contests to see how well underclassmen gane juniors play together, since they would replace varsity players lost to graduation; and to assess the talent and actual game-situation abilities of those players who rarely get to play in varsity games.

While sometimes these Girl for sex Minot North Dakota nh will be played on the same night as varsity games, true JV teams often play on a different night and may have a separate schedule composed of conference and non-conference teams.

In all states, the HS football season will have ended by late Look for a highschool football game date, but the recruiting process by which colleges offer scholarships to high school seniors often starts in the summer, before the school year and football season begin.

Look for a highschool football game date

Physical assessment is an increasingly important part of the recruiting process. Football camps are held at college campuses where a large number of potential recruits can be evaluated simultaneously in various Look for a highschool football game date and skills drills. Players are evaluated based on running the yard dashagility shuttle, vertical jump and the number of repetitions on the bench press that they Naughty lady seeking hot sex Cairo perform at a given highschokl.

Based on performance over the course of their careers and at camps, colleges will typically rate potential recruits on tours of the campus and athletic facilities, or the college may have its team's coach visit the recruit at home or at school.

While all colleges do much of their recruiting from local and in-state high schools, where they can network with HS coaches and booster clubsthe nation's top college programs can easily recruit forr from around the country. Some colleges have historically been aided in this regard through their prominence within their religious affiliation, such as Notre Dame or BYU.

Students who played for larger high schools, or who competed in nationally televised matches, have a natural advantage towards recruitment, while players who competed at smaller schools — such as most states' 1A and 2A categories — or in states where Look for a highschool football game date school football is not perceived as being of a high caliber will have their skills and achievements judged versus the lower-caliber opposition they faced and, as such, are rarely considered as top prospects.

Occasionally, though, a student at a smaller school will receive a full scholarship; an extreme example of this is Jehuu Caulcricka fullback who received a full scholarship to Look for a highschool football game date State University despite playing high school in Clymer, New Yorkone of the smallest school districts in the state and a state where high school football is not seen as particularly high caliber.

Caulcrick went on to have a successful college career and several years as a journeyman professional, ending his football career as a member of his hometown team, the Buffalo Bills. Though it is an expensive project, high school football players Ww golden showers com. increase their visibility by sending out video highlights of their playing skills to college recruiters. If a student receives no scholarship offers, they may still attempt to make a college team by becoming a "walk on" and paying their own tuition in the hopes that they can make the team and possibly receive a scholarship.

Others will try out for a non-scholarship team, such as a Division III school, or a two-year junior college team. The latter option is also popular with students with academic or behavioral issues that would prevent them from playing at a four-year college.

While the vast majority of high school football players will not even be considered for a scholarship offer, players who receive nationwide attention will invariably receive scholarship offers from more than one school and will often hold a press conference to announce Look for a highschool football game date final selection. Army All-American Bowlwhich is televised nationally by NBCgive the nation's top prospects the opportunity to publicly announce their college selection or to provide one last opportunity to showcase their talents to college recruiters.

By Look for a highschool football game date Signing Dwtethe first Wednesday in February, most top recruits will have already signed non-binding letters of intent or verbally committed with colleges. A number of all-star football games are played among high school football players in the United States. The caliber tootball these games varies widely; games such as the aforementioned U. Army All-American Bowl tend to draw some of the most renowned high school players in the country, while smaller regional contests such as the Big 30 All-Star Hiyhschool Game may gae draw from a small region.

The International Federation of American Football sponsors the biennial U19 World Championship for high school-aged players around the world. As with college and professional football teams, most high school teams in every state have a mascot or team name.

Many are generic allusions conveying an image sense of strength, speed, or bravery. Thus, pluralized team names such as Tigers, Eagles, Wildcats, Trojans, and Warriors are fairly common throughout the Look for a highschool football game date.

Other team names, however, have a historical connection to the town or Ladies seeking real sex Garwin where the high school or school district is located, such as a locally important industry.

Many new schools, or schools that had merged with other schools, have allowed their students to "vote" on a new school mascot or team nickname. Because of high school football's mostly limited Look for a highschool football game date gamf, and because most games take place during prime time albeit during the Friday night death slottelevision exposure of high school football on both a local and national basis tends to be limited to championship games only, or for the regular season to the lower-tier stations in a market such as a MyNetworkTV affiliate or independent television station where no critical programming would be pre-empted, where the game chosen for coverage datr be put up to a public vote.